The GSA Schedules Program: What you Need to Know!

Eric Rettig, Small Business Specialist with GSA Region 8 Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) will be presenting on the GSA schedules program. Topics covered include: – An overview of the OSDBU, what does and OSDBU do? – Importance of conducting market research prior to getting on the GSA schedule – Required prerequisites … Read more

Industry Day with GSA! (General Services Administration)

Join us for a virtual industry day with Eric Rettig, Small Business Specialist from GSA. Learn more about what the function of GSA is, what they buy and more! Topics will include: – Overview of GSA: its purpose, mission and function – What products/services does GSA purchase? – How does GSA buy goods and services? … Read more

“Your SAM registration is expiring” …or maybe not. Here’s how you can tell.

Screenshot of SAM expiration email from company that charges a fee

We’ve written before about companies that prey on smaller federal contractors and charge them hundreds of dollars for things like SAM registrations and renewals that are completely free. PTAC counselors across the country are constantly warning our clients about these companies, but their constant barrage of deceptive and confusing phone calls, emails, text messages, postcards, … Read more

GSA Changed the Process for Updating Your MPIN in SAM Again

We noted earlier this month that some security updates to SAM made it a lot more difficult to reset your MPIN if you forgot it. It appears that GSA realized their mistake, as the process has changed once again. The new, new process is not as easy as the old process, but at least you … Read more