Montana PTAC-Success Stories

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Watch this short video with interviews of our clients and PTAC counselors.

“Sorry…You Have the Wrong Number”

We’ve all heard that phrase before when we’ve misdialed a telephone number. In those instances, you simply hang up and dial again. But sometimes correcting a wrong number is not quite that simple. Take, for example, the Employer Identification Number (EIN), a tax identification number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Inadvertently entering the Read More

Hamilton PTAC Helps Local Vet – Veterinarian That Is …

You probably know that Montana PTAC helps military veterans. But did you know that PTACs help other “vets” as well? Veterinary clinics are among the diverse array of businesses served by Montana PTAC. Many federal agencies, including the Forest Service, contract with local veterinarians to provide medical care for their animals. Such is the case Read More

All in a Day’s Work

Montana PTAC’s government contracting advisors have diverse jobs. In addition, as our tag lines states, to providing “personal, timely assistance on contracting with the government,” we’re constantly on the lookoutfor opportunities for our clients. Government Contracting Advisor Jim Smitham in Butte spotted a solicitation that appeared to be an ideal match for his client, The Read More

PTAC’s Hard Work Helps Client’s Dreams Come True

You are dedicated to your job, one that provides an invaluable service in a community that you enjoy. Then one day, your employer – a national corporation – announces plans to close the facility in your community. What do you do? If you are Clifford Creekmore you decide to open your own facility. Now the Read More

It’s a First for a Lewistown Consulting Company

Hole World Consulting provides heavy construction, site preparation and related services in Lewistown, Montana. Last August, owner Dave Ward noticed that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was seeking a contractor to plug and repair a leak in the Marcott Coulee Well in Fergus County. He contacted BLM and was referred to the PTAC office Read More

“This is Why I Love What I Do”

The phrase “job satisfaction” has a different meaning for different people. For Government Contracting Advisor Carol Cunningham of Ronan, “job satisfaction” is the ability to see the positive impact her work has on others. An email that she and Kathy Moody-Lund, a PTAC advisor in Billings, recently received prompted Carol to say, “This is why Read More

“Start Small, Think Big”

“Start small. Think big.” That’s the advice PTAC advisors often give companies interested in government contracting. Successfully performing on small government contracts can pave the way for winning larger contracts down the road. Canyon Electric, a Billings company, is off to a great start. The company recently secured a $25,000 project at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Read More