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About Montana PTAC

What We Do

Montana PTAC provides personal, timely advice on contracting with the government. Selling to the government – or subcontracting to prime contractors – can be good for your business. But understanding, finding, and pursuing opportunities can be challenging. Montana PTAC advisors are ready to help you meet those challenges. We give you tools you can use to do business with federal, state and local agencies.

Our government contracting advisors have years of public and private sector experience. Many of us have owned small businesses or worked extensively in business development. Our personal backgrounds and experiences give us a unique ability to understand your business needs and concerns.

We also understand the complexities of government contracting. We attend specialized training and participate in professional certification programs to keep pace with changing registrations, regulations and requirements. Our advisors are members of the national Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC), a network of over 500 experienced procurement professionals.